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Wimbledon Women in Style

by Travis Smith September 18, 2015

Wimbledon women's fashion constantly changes yet maintains a veneer of the classic. In the beginning women’s tennis fashion at Wimbledon was completely high society. Wimbledon clothes consisted of ankle-length skirts, luncheon slippers, and lace-up corsets. They even wore dainty walking hats, perfect for a stroll in the fields after a short, leisurely tennis match with friends.

Other eras in Wimbledon clothes brought cinched-waist shorts and dresses when the hourglass figure dominated the zeitgeist. Society balanced this explicit focus on sensuality with the popularity of conservative, preppy cardigan sweaters, to be worn over the shoulders in sweltering summers.

Over time Wimbledon women began to wear shorts on the court, and finally knee-length skirts. Today the skirts are above the knee and “skorts” are seemingly glued to the thighs. The female form is closely silhouetted rather than camouflaged in loosely hanging garb.

One constant of Wimbledon fashion has been the stylish bandeaux in lieu of the utilitarian head band. It’s nice to see Wimbledon women retaining these unique, complimentary accessories. Another constant of course is the requirement for predominantly white attire. Despite super stars’ attempts at colorful rebellion, the all-white requirement remains steadfastly enforced.  Perhaps a clever approach to fashion rebellion at Wimbledon would be for a woman tennis player to don a hat, not a baseball cap or visor.

Travis Smith
Travis Smith


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