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The Fashion of Famous Women of Tennis

by Travis Smith July 23, 2015

Chris Evert was nicknamed “America’s Sweetheart” and she brought the classic American girl’s style to the court. One of tennis’s most famous women, Evert once sported a white lace tennis dress in 1971. The best tennis outfits of that era often consisted of skirts shorter than the shorts, allowing women to show off all kinds of fun patterns.

Evert dabbled at the edges to make fashion statements, using flower prints and colorful panels to stand out among the standard whiteness of tennis. Mostly she wore preppy tennis outfits, yet Evert did veer into tennis fashions anticipating today’s tightly fitting, athletic cuts on women’s tennis outfits. She showed off her athletic arms with sleeveless tops and revealed some skin with V-neck shirts.

While conservative compared to today’s women’s tennis fashion, Evert catalyzed the trend of famous women tennis players being fashionable on court in order to build their brand off court.


Women's tennis fashion

Women's Tennis Fashion


Women's Tenns Fashion


Travis Smith
Travis Smith


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