About Centre Court Activewear

About Centre Court Activewear

Centre Court Activewear pieces look sporty and chic wherever the day takes you. Today’s woman needs activewear as she moves throughout her day, so Centre Court combined sporty functionality with stylish details.

Our market segment is active women. This includes business and professional women working from home offices who can wear comfortable clothing while working, yet allows them to have a chic appearance when quickly popping outside to run errands.

Semi-retired or retired women spending a lot of leisure time at the country club or sailing can wear our apparel on the course, court, or yacht, before heading inside for cocktail.

A young mother staying at home with her baby will love wearing one outfit on a trip covering yoga class, groceries, and a latte at Starbucks.

Centre Court Activewear addresses the needs of modern women. The worlds of work and employment have changed. Most women of Generations X and Millennials do not work in corporate offices with hundreds of other cubicled employees. They are work-from-home consultants or small business owners, with the freedom to dress comfortable during the day, and to have a schedule of going in and outside multiple times a day. Even retired women remain concerned with their personal brand as they may sit on not-for-profit boards or provide professional business consulting. They want comfortable yet stylish activewear befitting their personal brand and image.

What differentiates Centre Court Activewear from existing brands? Functionally, our apparel does not show sweat, does not ride up the leg, and has pockets to hold multiple balls (golf or tennis). Stylistically, our apparel is differentiated by gold logo buttons, branded zipper pulls, mesh overlays, curved hemlines, split necks, and gold grommets.